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Mozilla Maintenance Service
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Mozilla Maintenance Service
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With the release of Firefox 12 for Windows, Mozilla has introduced a new feature called silent updates - background refresh. This feature allows you to install Firefox updates without displaying a dialog box User Account Control (UAC). This feature is made possible by the Windows service named Mozilla Maintenance Service, which is located in% ProgramFiles% Mozilla Maintenance Servicemaintenanceservice.exe.

This service is not running constantly, and runs through the command-line arguments when there are new updates to Firefox. However, Mozilla Maintenance Service currently makes only the installation of updates, Mozilla said that it may include other command-line arguments for the service, which would clean up Windows, prefetch, defrag, and the user profile, and perform other actions that have not yet been discussed.

For security reasons, if you are worried about the program updates independently, without your permission or knowledge, you can turn off background refresh of Firefox. If you turn off background refresh of Firefox will still be able to update itself, but now the UAC dialog will be displayed so that you will know what is updated. You can turn off background refresh of the two methods described below.

It should be noted that if you turn off background updating, it does not mean that you should not install new updates as they become available. If you do not install the update, you can put the computer in a significant risk due to the potential security vulnerability, these updates can fix the vulnerability.
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