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AIMP - is very comfortable and competent music player. Created exclusively for lovers of good sound. In AIMP has a lot of features for professionals who are knowledgeable in the sound. The program has a handy equalizer, helping lovers of good sound rebuild certain frequencies. The same program can be found in the effects of the manager, with which you quickly and conveniently be able to adjust the level of echo, you can also adjust the reverb, flanger, chorus, bass, speed, pace, altitude and of course the music player present in the amplification of music. As manager of effects you can find the delete votes, which removes the maximum frequency of the voice (this method is called squeezing voice removal).
AIMP - is a multifunctional audio center. With its built-in utilities, you can easily convert music from one format to another, record audio from a microphone or other audio device, edit tags of music files, as well as group to rename or sort them. AIMP2 based on the well-known audio engine BASS - you can easily connect the plug-ins from this library to AIMP.AIMP - this is an excellent audio player with support for: skins, many music formats, plus has built-in tools for working with sound. AIMP won in the "Software of the Year 2007" in the category "Interface" and "functionality".
Extras. Information: functionality, small size and minimal use of system resources.
 Support for a large number of music formats: MP1, MP2, MP3, MPC / MP +, AAC, AC3, Ogg, FLAC, APE, WavPack, Speex, WAV, CDA, WMA, S3M, XM, MOD, IT, MO3, MTM, UMX. ..
 18-band equalizer and built-in sound effects: Reverb, Flanger, Chorus, Pitch, Tempo, Echo, Speed.
32-bit audio processing to achieve the best quality.
 Support for plugins. You can add new utils or extend already exists, and connect plugins Input, Gen, DSP of WinAmp.
 Turn off the computer. You can sleep under favorite music, setting off a computer by a timer or by the end of play.
 Internet radio. Listen and save! Multi-language interface.
 Multiplayer mode.
 Audio converter. Allows you to convert music from a variety of different formats in wma, mp3, wav, ogg. (AIMP Tools)
 Sound Recorder. Allows you to record sound from any audio device in the system and stored in format mp3, ogg, wav and wma. (AIMP Tools)
 Editor of tags. You can easily edit tags of audio files and rename group of files, sort files by template or apply tags to a group of files.
 Audio Library. Represents the music files, which will allow you to easily organize your music, set marks for listened Tracks, keeping playback statistics.
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